Modex is an EFFAS accredited exam aimed at students or professionals looking for a financial modelling specific qualification. The Modex is offered at Intro & Expert levels, this last one being sector specific (Private Equity or Real Estate).

The Modex is a challenging 2-hour exam designed and marked by professionals through a rigorous scoring system to ensure that all the exams are accurate.

The exam is divided into 3 blocks:

  • Practical case (75% of the score): various modelling exercises or one single practical case.
  • Excel Proficiency (10% of the score): the best Excel formula or tool for each case will be evaluated
  • Structure (15% of the score): the ability to design a structured and easy to understand model will be evaluated

More information:

There is no mandatory training or prerequisites to take the Modex exams. Any candidate is eligible to sit the exam to demonstrate modelling proficiency, independently of where or how this skill was acquired. However, for those candidates with little or no modelling experience, EFFAS offers the Modelandum* online training courses to prepare the Modex exams. See the training offers here:

Download full information HERE.

Successful candidates will obtain the EFFAS Diploma as:

  • Certified Junior Financial Modeller (Modex Intro)
  • Certified Financial Modelling Expert in Private Equity, (Modex Expert PE)
  • Certified Financial Modelling Expert in Real Estate (Modex Expert RE)

For students seeking careers in finance, and for finance professionals looking for an innovative online certification in financial modelling with Excel, willing to be distinguished as modelling experts in the eyes of professionals and/or recruiters as well as anyone seeking opportunities for professional development.

The certification is well recognized by employers from reputed financial institutions. Upon consent of the successful candidate, their name will be entered into a public database for potential recruiters, including funds, headhunters, Big4s, banks, and consultants looking for candidates with financial modelling skills.

Take the 2-hour exam on your computer (online or in person in Madrid) on the selected date.

The successful candidates with a higher score than 50% will be certified by Modex/EFFAS and will be able to be part of the Modex database for recruiters, moving to the top of the list in the hiring pipeline.