The Scheme provides training subsidies to Hong Kong residents who are market practitioners and prospective practitioners of green and sustainable finance, namely students and graduates in relevant disciplines. After completing Eligible Programmes, applicants can apply for a subsidy of up to 80% of the relevant fees (full-time student applicants can apply for a subsidy of up to 100% of the relevant fees), subject to a ceiling of $10,000.

CESGA Programme Identification Code: GTP-260223

Effective date under the Scheme*: 2022/12/13

* The Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme only accepts reimbursement applications in relation to an Eligible Programme with an enrolment date that is on or after the effective date of such Programme

This programme is one of the Eligible Programmes under the Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme, which can be found at

The Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme in Hong Kong is designed to enhance the expertise and knowledge in green and sustainable finance. If you are planning to apply or have already applied, here is some crucial information you need to be aware of:

CESGA Common Exam Schedule: The Common Exam for CESGA (Certified Environmental, Social, and Governance Analyst) is a significant part of this scheme. It is conducted four times a year. You can find the official dates for the exam by following this link . Please ensure you are well-prepared and register for the exam well in advance of your desired date.

Results Disclosure: After you have taken the CESGA Common Exam, please note that the results are disclosed around 8 weeks after the exam date. This allows for thorough marking and verification to ensure accuracy and fairness in the assessment.

E-Diploma for Successful Candidates: For those who pass the exam, and provided all necessary permissions are granted, an e-Diploma will be issued. This digital diploma will include the completion date of the exam, serving as proof of your qualification. It would be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio, showcasing your expertise in green and sustainable finance.

Reimbursement Application Process: Successful completion of the Eligible Programme entitles you to apply for reimbursement. It is crucial that you submit your reimbursement application through the Scheme’s application portal, which can be accessed at Please be mindful that this application must be submitted within 3 months from the completion date of your Eligible Programme. Late submissions will not be accepted, so it is advisable to apply as early as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the completion date of the programme is actually the date of the exam, which appears centered in the Diploma of successful candidates below the title Certified Environment Social and Governance Analyst. The completion date is NOT the “printed on” date of the Diploma, which refers to the date in which the holder downloads the document from EFFAS e-certificate secure system.

This scheme is a fantastic opportunity for finance professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the rapidly growing field of green and sustainable finance. Please ensure that you keep track of all important dates and requirements to make the most of this opportunity. Good luck with your application and preparation for the CESGA Common Exam!