The TQC is a standing commission of EFFAS. Its main tasks are to provide advice to the European Management Committee of EFFAS on all issues relating to training and qualification, and to evaluate the accreditations of professional designations at EFFAS and its national member societies with its Review Panel.

The commission meets on a regular basis around two to three times a year. There are a number of permanent agenda items, i.e. presentations by member societies and training schools on the training and qualification programmes and structures in their markets. Also, the commission members exchange their experiences with programmes that are run parallel by several member societies, like the CEFA and the CIIA. There are currently 13,000 holders of the CEFA-designation in Europe, and 10,000 holders of the global diploma CIIA worldwide.

The commission also supports the organization of the EFFAS Seminar series and the EFFAS Summer School held each year. The meetings of the commission are open to every representatives from national member societies who deal with training and qualification.


Jesús López Zaballos (IEAF/FEF, Spain)


Daniela Ropota (AAFBR, Romania)

Matheus van der Nat (ABAF, Belgium)

Angelo Dipasquale (AIAF, Italy)

Micheline Arsenault (AIAF, Italy)

Manuel Puerta da Costa (APAF, Portugal)

Klaus Beinke (DVFA, Germany)

Mikko Pääkkönen (FSFA, Finland)

Judit Toth (HCMPS, Hungary)

Lidija Dedi (HUFA, Croatia)

Silvije Orsag (HUFA, Croatia)

Joseph Ricca (IFS, Malta)

Mettel Lindbaek (NFF, Norway)

Markus Bunk (ÖVFA, Austria)

Nils Liliedahl (SFF, Sweden)

Sabine Topol (SFAF, France)

Marianne Bonato (SFAA; Switzerland)