As part of its work on implementing the commission action plan on sustainable finance, the European Commission set up a Technical Working Group on Sustainable Finance in spring 2018. The main tasks of the Group are to assist the Commission in the development of

    • An EU taxonomy of environmentally sustainable economic activities.
    • An EU Green Bond Standard.
    • A category of “low carbon” indices for use by asset and portfolio managers as a benchmark for a low carbon investment strategy.
    • Metrics allowing improving disclosure on climate-related information

Jose Luís Blasco has 20 years’ experience in developing corporate sustainability strategies and programmes and Global Head of KPMG Sustainability Services. He is a member of the Commission on ESG of the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS);Member of the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF); Leadership Group Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance, KPMG International; Innovation Committee, KPMG in Spain; Spanish Institute of Directors and Board Members (IC-A); WBCSD, UNTAD and inter alia. The EFFAS Commission on ESG, has a long tradition on ESG analysis and among others published the KPI´s on ESG in 2010 and the Diploma Certified ESG Analyst.
TEG statements:

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