EFFAS ESG Essentials® at a glance

Continuing its commitment to drive the integration of extra-financial information in classic investment methods and as a pioneer in delivering structured training on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) EFFAS launches its new ESG Essentials® programme. The ESG Essentials provides participants with the fundamental concepts and requirements to give basic guidance to investors in ESG matters.

ESG factors are increasingly being incorporated into business risk assessment and in investment and financing decision-making processes. The ESG Essentials® is the choice for professionals in finance who want to get ahead and understand the global megatrends and equip themselves with the knowledge to navigate an evolving regulatory landscape.

According to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (SFDR), as of 10th March 2021 participants in financial markets and financial advisers must report on the integration of sustainability risks and the analysis of adverse incidences regarding sustainability in their processes and provide information on sustainability regarding financial products. For adequate advice and transparency in these matters, it is essential that participants in financial markets, advisors, and information providers have a basic knowledge of ESG.

With the EFFAS ESG Essentials® certification, professionals in the sector can demonstrate that they have acquired an understanding of the fundamentals of ESG to complement their professional knowledge.


The EFFAS ESG Essentials® is a basic programme structured in five (5) Modules including two case studies. One of which looks at a product and the other at a firm to illustrate, in a practical way, integrating ESG analysis and investment decisions.

Module 1. Sustainability, an overview

Module 2. Regulatory context in Europe, implications for investment advisers

Module 3. Voluntary principles and standards of reference in Sustainable Finance

Module 4. Investment instruments and sustainable financing

Module 5. Sustainable investment strategies for portfolio construction

Download the EFFAS ESG Essentials® Syllabus HERE (PDF)

The EFFAS ESG Essentials® programme is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the latest trends in ESG financing. At the end of the programme the student will have a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Sustainability trends and their importance for companies.
  • What sustainable finance is, and its evolution.
  • Current regulatory context, with special attention to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (SFDR).
  • Main players in sustainable finance.
  • How ESG matters are integrated into different asset classes and what ESG financing instruments exist.
  • How to recognize ESG products, their characteristics and how to explain and advise a client in this type of investment.
  • Investment strategies with ESG criteria.
  • How ESG information is integrated into investment processes.

The ESG Essentials® is intended for any professional in finance who wants to get ahead, such as:

  • Banking and insurance managers / advisors
  • Investment / Client / Financial advisors
  • Financial planners and specialists in supporting functions in client advisory services
  • Financial information providers
  • Preparers of Financial reports
  • Lawyers
  • Auditors
  • Investor relations / corporate communication specialists
  • Corporate ESG practitioners
  • Consultants

Step 1:

Enrol on the EFFAS ESG Essentials® Programme offered by an accredited EFFAS National Member Society (NMS). If you are located in a country without an NMS, please visit the EFFAS Academy website for registration.

Prerequisites: None

Step 2:

Pass the EFFAS ESG Essentials® certification exam organised by EFFAS and its accredited National Member Societies. The exam covers the complete Examination Syllabus. The exam uses multiple-choice questions and has a duration of 90 minutes.

To pass the examination, students must demonstrate their knowledge by gaining more than 50% of the 90 examination points.

The qualification results granted by EFFAS will be SUITABLE or NOT SUITABLE and the results are not open to appeal. EFFAS as awarding body does NOT accept requests by candidates to review the examination paper, nor does it provide detailed information on scores and/or percentage of correct answers / failures in the corresponding examination to the candidate.

Contact the accredited National Member Society in your country or visit the EFFAS Academy website.